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              Tel: +86-519-86511555
              Fax: +86-519-86518620

              Products Catalog

              TD75 general belt conveyor DT II, DT II (A) fixed belt conveyor DJ, DJ II large dip angle conveyor with corrugated sidewall belt Mobile belt conveyor Screw conveyor Exhibition of Main Accessories 1 Exhibition of Main Accessories 2 Assembly of TD75 General Belt Conveyor Components of DT II Fixed Belt Conveyor Components of DT II (A) Fixed Conveyor Jiangsu Wuyun Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.
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              Jiangsu Wuyun Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. is a mainland-Taiwan joint venture enterprise in Changzhou which is specialized in the production of transmission machinery. The company has already passed the ISO9001 Quality System Certification, boasting of strong technical power, complete sets of equipment, advanced production process, stable quality, together with independent research, development and production capacity. It has been awarded the titles of "Outstanding Private Enterprise of Jiangsu Province", "Trustful Enterprise on Contract Implementation", and "Credit (Contract) AAA Level Enterprise". Our products sell well in various provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions all over China... more...
              Highlighted products
              Mobile belt conveyor

              Mobile belt conveyor

              Use and scope of application   Mobile belt conveyor is applicable to short-distance transport, loading and……

              DJ, DJ II large dip angle conveyor with corrugated sidewall belt

              DJ, DJ II large dip angle conveyor with corrugated sidewall belt

              1. Use and scope of application DJ, DJ II large dip angle conveyor with corrugated sidewall belt is able to……

              TD75 general belt conveyor

              TD75 general belt conveyor

              1. Use and scope of application TD75 general belt conveyor features simple structure, large transport quantity,……